Which emotional issues can NLP help with?

NLP and Hypnotherapy can assist in personal coaching and personal therapy primarily in two areas;
resolving problems such as anxiety, anger, confidence issues, and stress related issues along with Improving your performance in areas where you are already familiar with and would like to develop further competences in. By incorporating NLP and Hypnotherapy you begin by addressing the issues because of how NLP works almost certainly by looking into ways of handling life situations more effectively and more confidently right from the first session. White Horse Nlp balance exploring the problem-issues with developing life skills which will be more effective than those skills which have kept you stuck

You may have questions about how to begin your search for a therapist with NLP and Hypnotherapy training? What would convince you that this therapy or life coaching works? Ask yourself what credentials would you like to see so that you know you are in safe hands? Please ask for clarification on any aspects of my practice.

If your looking for some help...

I would recommend you find a qualified therapist or coach who has also trained in NLP to Certified Master Practitioner level and with Hypnotherapy someone who is registered with an approved Society, such as the General Hypnotherapy Registrar (NHS approved).

  • Begin with a web search and check out what NLP and Hypnotherapy can offer you in your circumstances, and the situation you want to address.
    Ask for an initial no obligation discussion.
  • Check if you feel you have rapport / or connection with the person
  • Identify your personal preferences
  • Recognise that, whatever their qualifications and training, therapists and coaches are human beings and therefore come with a variety of styles and approaches. Ask what they think is required for you to achieve your objectives and what process they use.

    White Horse NLP and Hypnotherapy focus on the here and now approach in enabling you to recognise the thinking, hearing and feeling patterns that are involved in the problem and then helps you to replace these patterns. This process can involve resolving the causes of some persistent concerns and this is done speedily and without having to relive the events.

    NLP & Hypnotherapy

    This is the NLP and hypnotherapy approach. It is possible or an NLP coach / therapist to estimate how long it will take to resolve a simple issue such as, for example, a single issue phobia. However, complex issues will take longer and it is difficult  for a therapist to estimate the time required for issues such as an anxiety, self-confidence, or panic attack difficulty. As a rough guide a minimum of six sessions will give you an idea if this style is for you. When assessing your progress take each step at a time and evaluate your progress ad options, openly discuss if you feel it isn't working for you. If it feels right continue.