What is NLP?

Neuro Linguistic Programming

is a curiosity to understanding how we tick, how we interact with others who are different from ourselves and being the best we can be using an array of techniques. NLP uses a positive attitude to move forward with an outcome based approach.

"For me NLP is the psychology of achievement and inter-personal communication ....an owners manual for the mind " - Chris Howard
So if you wanna to fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down - Toni Morrison

The Pre-suppositions of NLP

Pre-suppositions are a system of general beliefs underlying a positive intent. The pre-suppositions of NLP are what guide the further development of individuals using NLP. They are not about truth however, they assist in perspectives to gain useful results. Beliefs are usually limiting. If we believe someone doesnt like us, our defensive communication can make this a reality. If we believe in our own development we know we can master a skill, we repeatedly practice until we do. The pre-suppositions of NLP are as follows:

The Map is not the Territory.

How we represent the world in our own mind is our reality, it isnt reality itself. We respond to our own view of reality. We respond to our internalised map of reality. How we represent things can be affected by how we filter information through deletion, generalisation and distortion of how we view our reality. Interpretations through our filters may or may not be accurate.

People work perfectly

No one is broken, we are born as a blank page. We are influenced in to reacting by our experiences, this is what enables us to survive, even if what they are doing is ruining their life, people function perfectly to survive the moment. All behaviour has a structure. When you understand the structure, you can change the outcome into something more desirable.

People make the best choice available at any given time.

Having resources that are flexible enable us to respond with the best choice in the context of our experience.

People have all the resources they need, if not they can create them.

We all have possibilities to respond to external forces through our thoughts feelings and behaviours. We have the resources to get the desired response by adapting to any given situation.

The meaning of communication is the response you get.

This is one of the most important presuppositions in NLP. Our communication both verbal and non-verbal along with our behaviour trigger responses in others. The point of communication is to get an outcome. A good communicator is someone who gets their desired response.

You cannot not communicate.

Even being silent communicates to others, communicating either verbally or non-verbally you still communicate. Every behaviour has a positive intent.

All behaviour has a positive intention.

Anger can be useful if you are under attack. Our response of Fight Flight Freeze or Friend has enabled us to survive as a species. These strategies out of context may be an attempt to get people to understand. The behaviour may not however be useful or gain the desired result.

There is no such thing as failure only feedback.

We learn from experience and each time that feedback gives you information it worked or it needs adapting.

Mind and body are one system.

How our mind and work together enables us to be the best we can be. When one is out of synchronicity with the other our well being is affected.

Possible in the world, possible for me is just a matter of how

The world is full of infinite possibilities and each individuals skills can be accessed by familiarisation of the unfamiliar. We have the ability to self-repair just as skin does after a cut.

The person or element with the most flexibility in a system will have the most influence.

This person with the most flexibility looking at options and behavioural choices will control the outcome. If you limit your thoughts, feelings and behavioural choices you give others the edge. If you are able to respond to any situation in a variety of ways, you are more likely to get the outcome you desire.

Combining NLP with Hypnotherapy offers a toolkit of resources for each unique individual